A conversation with Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why”, Thursday July 22nd 7pm

A conversation with Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why”, Thursday July 22nd 7pm

Simon Sinek teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people.

We are so excited that Simon is coming to LA and will spend some time to talk to us about his work. We started out wanting to organize this as a small events like we normally do with AsAble.com events but the RSVPs have been so enthusiastic, we decided to open this up to a bigger room. So join us this Thursday July 22nd at 7pm at the CoLoft. If you would like to attend this event, please RSVP here: http://simon-sinek-coloft.eventbrite.com/

This event is a partnership between the CoLoft and AsAble.com – thanks to my amazing friends Cameron Kashani andAvesta Rasouli. We are looking for a sponsor to cover for food and drinks at the event.

Here is what Avesta wrote about Simon:
Hello everyone, we are really really excited to announce that Simon Sinek will be speaking at the Coloft this coming Thursday July 22nd at 7PM. Simon is the author of the book Start With Why and teaches leaders and companies how to inspire people.

One of the main reasons why we are so excited about this is because we owe a great deal of Coloft’s branding success to lessons learned from Simon. So if you think we’ve done a good job marketing and branding Coloft, you really want to be here on Thursday!

Here is a bit more info about Simon:
He created a simple model, The Golden Circle, that codifies what makes the most inspiring people and organizations so successful and influential. The concept is so powerful that it is changing the way people think, act and communicate. From the Pentagon, to the United Nations, to Hollywood. Simon has been invited to talk about The Golden Circle across the United States and around the world. He advises a wide of variety of leaders and organizations, including small businesses and entrepreneurs, corporations like Microsoft, non-profits, government and politicians. More and more people are learning to become more effective, more efficient and more inspiring by discovering how to start everything they say and do with WHY.

His book, START WITH WHY is available everywhere.

Stay wonderful!

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