ROI of Social Media

ROI of Social Media

This is a video recording of a speaker panel on the topic of return on investment (ROI) of Social Media. More businesses than ever are utilizing social media to develop relationships and engage with their customers; however, how do they truly measure the ROI of their social media efforts?

This panel was a part of Social Media Week in LA in 2010, hosted by Coloft, and featured:

– Rex Freiberger, CEO and Founder of Highly Relevant
– Stacey Soleil, Owner/CEO of Soleil Marketing Services (SMS)
– Constantine Roussos, founder of the .MUSIC Top-Level Domain Name ( and
– Dan Benyamin, CEO/Founder of CitizenNet

Moderator: Giang Biscan, Producer, Founder (previously

In this video, we discussed the following topics:
– Benefits of social media
– What are measurable, quantitatively or qualitatively, and what are not
– How long before something can be measurable
– How can we can increase ROI on activities in social media
– How should small brands or startups approach social media differently than big brands with large budget
– Pros and cons of outsourced social media and automation
– Useful tools in social media

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