Interview of Jad Meouchy and Jason Hitchcock of BrandStand

Interview of Jad Meouchy and Jason Hitchcock of BrandStand

BrandStand is a startup building an image surveying tool to help brands identify effective and targetted images for ad campaigns. The founders, Jad Meouchy and Jason Hitchcock, graduated from StartEngine 1st accelerator program.

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Here is a part of the transcript:

Giang Biscan:             Hi there, it’s Giang Biscan from and today we meet two guys Jad Meouchy and Jason Hitchcock from Brandstand, hi guys, how are you?

Jad Meouchy:                         Very well nice to meet you.

Jason Hitchcock:             Thanks for being here.

Giang Biscan:                         What’s Brandstand?

Jad Meouchy:             Brandstand is a tool that can be used to figure out if you visual content is going to resonate with the audience before you actually put it out there. So if your stream of energy and you start thinking about, a banner ad or something like that or if you’re thinking of a company logo, we can help you test that and tell you which kind of adverts really like this image, so that you are confident before you pick the images out.

Giang Biscan:             Great so basically you are targeting companies that maybe have gone to a creative agency and created various company’s images, is that right?

Jad Meouchy:             Exactly, any small business or any creative agency that you know any business that’s creating, their own creative content but they try to [00:08:48] really can use this tool, an agency [00:08:51].

Giang Biscan:             And how do you actually get those, a compliment to say that initial number 3 is better that 2 or 1?

Jad Meouchy:             Well that part is really similar to something called the [00:09:05] where you can do it yourself; I think its make your own survey. And the idea is, allot of doing the sub surveys tools that currently exist like [00:09:13] there’s thousands of them. They all fall very short in doing visual media service and so what we’ve done, we’ve created a mechanism that executes on visual media certain methodology better that everybody else, no body is really focusing on that. And so yeah, you put your images into our system, we’ll give you a survey mechanism that is really easy to share, can get on any website, so it’s pretty you…

Jason Hitchcock:             It’s a tool [00:09:41].

Giang Biscan:                         Okay, so is it mobilized or is it [00:09:43]?

Jason Hitchcock:             Well it’s mobile and compatible, Brandstand device is very small [00:09:49] is very large, it’s been designed for screen size and so it primarily experiences usually gone through mobile device. But it’s very much well compatible.

Giang Biscan:             Thank you, so I think that you’ve kind of an interesting idea for doing a survey if anything I think they still have that so, I think [00:10:08] influence over that, instead of saying that and trying to through all this technical multiple choice question .

Jason Hitchcock:             Exactly. The idea behind this is if you want to get this information right now because, if you’re kind of pushy and creative out there, spend some money on it, you are going to want having an informed decision. So right now the way to get that information is by either going to a focus group, which if you go out there, you Google them, you will find between 4 and 10,000 dollars of the [00:10:37] focus group, they are pretty slow. Or you could I guess if you go [00:10:41] people will change what you think, that’s not really an amenable way to do it or you can give someone a [00:10:46] but then you are going to get one of those touch base surveys that, you are going to really have to insist about someone to take.

If you look out there and see the way people are sanitizing issues to taking surveys, you know paying 50 dollars, having this gift cards and you know 3 bucks a response. So we decided to make something that would be an enjoyable experience for the user having to get to see some beautiful images, their [00:11:10] and a little but of information in return. Thanks for your votes, here’s the returns so if like apply something you find learn something cool, and so it’s kind of fun.

Giang Biscan:             So, is that whole survey based on…is there any model or is there a subscription or [00:11:24]

Jason Hitchcock:             Right now its software and a service, so its 100 dollars a month to up to 1000 dollars a month world class plans and you know, prices in between. Then we do have customization, locking dashboards, so it can be very specific depending on how you are going to use it and…yeah that’s all.

Giang Biscan:                         Like what exactly do you have in a dashboard?

Jason Hitchcock:             In our dashboard?

Giang Biscan:                         Like the [00:11:51]

Jason Hitchcock:             Has the results quick. So we had to jump the results says basically as an info graphic, so that’s where it’s top of base, there’s an ad for it.      And when you are tabling the results or when the results come in the formatting has very nice looking info graphics and you can take your time with it and just pull it up and you can see the results pretty colors and nice lines and everything very nicely designed. Beautiful looking dash boards were the results resemble an info graphic like you see on the web.

Jason Hitchcock:            Okay. We want to assure people that the results are incredibly obvious. We didn’t want to them waiting through lost of cross tabs and excel spread shit. I just wanted to say. These are the results and their presentation is ready. You can either drop right in the middle of our point.

Giang Biscan:             And can the user participate in this survey is their user? So they sign after their [00:12:40] or the whole web site is not. You don’t have added ways of using that [00:12:45]

Jason Hitchcock:            Correct. Right now we don’t have a panel but we are working on that. That’s just something for day one.

Giang Biscan: I see okay. [00:12:52]

Jason Hitchcock:            So we are growing distributing partners right now so we have a couple that have about 1800- 2000 companies they service right now. Their [00:13:06] for that particular partner buy a slot for each of their customers. So we are looking at really one of this deals puts us on the map.

Giang Biscan: Very good.

Jason Hitchcock:             And then once we figure out where the precise imp limitation of that is we plan on scaling that buy showing the competitors or other people that could use this exert process to benefit some other companies. So right now it’s working with the [00:13:38] to alter their dash board. Plus we are going to be working with other networks. So we are going to succeed with a small group and then we will take that case study and lower the price.

Jad Meouchy:            And we can mass market the product as well and to mass market to small medium sized business. That will be interesting staff right there. [00:14:03] within thirty days

Giang Biscan:  [00:14:12] so are you guys testing like right now?

Jason Hitchcock:            Yeah Brandstand id testing it right now and we are liberating over the design so we are making it look polished.

Jad Meouchy:            We are defiantly doing the whole lean star thing were we are doing customer development closely with our first group of customers who we were having a lot of back and forward with them to make sure that all the right feature s of their serve them to display the information. The results they way that they would like to see it and to make sure that they just him a value out of it so that we can take this product to similar personas and skill around the…

Giang Biscan:             So are your kind of competitors out their? Has there anyone being doing…

Jason Hitchcock: Probably primarily surveyors Meouchy.

Giang Biscan:  [00:14:57]

Jason Hitchcock:             Well the have image components to their survey. They are not very obvious. They don’t promote them and… we talked to them about them and they particularly have a lot of confidence in them either so I think most of the competitors are survey companies or DIY survey companies that have some sort of image feature in their but it’s not anywhere near the [00:15:24] I guess the joy that ours is and nothing is best tuned for images us ours is. Our tools have [00:15:33} properties to it.

Giang Biscan: And is there something that you would like to go in your house [00:15:38]

Jason Hitchcock: Absolutely in the house. Everybody knows

Giang Biscan: How did you guys meet?

Jason Hitchcock: Well it’s interesting, so I spent a lot…

[00:15:52] End

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