Interview of Will Von Bernuth of AppMyWorld

Interview of Will Von Bernuth of AppMyWorld

Will Von Bernuth is the founder of AppMyWorld (, a review aggregation and ranking site for iOS apps.  AppMyWorld is a review aggregation site for iOS, iPhone and iPad from around the web.  It aggregates professional reviews and provide a ranking score for each app.

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Here is a part of the transcript:

Giang:                       Hi there. It’s Giang Biscan at I have today with me Will Von Bernuth from AppMyWorld. Hi Will. How are you?

Will:                         Am doing well. How are you doing?

Giang:                         Very good thanks. So what is AppMyWorld?

Will:            AppMyWorld is a review aggregation site so we take IOS, I phone I pad attributes from around the web. Professional reviewers and Aggregate them into what we call an up score, which sought of gives a ranking for an App. So it’s kind of somewhere to wrapped tomatoes but for IOS Apps.

Giang:              I see so no android.

Will:            Not yet. We thought about doing android there are some technical limitations around their as well. Some business models implications. There are something’s we get to ask if you are around. I think we will do it down the line but we will start in one are and will start out from theirs.

Giang:                          I see. Okay so this purely professional review. There is no user contribution.

Will:            Not at this point. No it’s purely professional reviews. We will at some point put in abilities for our users to rate the Apps as to revise the secondary ratings but we have not gotten to that point yet. We also would like to pull the ratings from The App stores while we show those but there are apples who can write shits for that so we are sought of researching how actually we can do that as well [00:01:20] we think. Professional ones are really clients’ credibility to the ad in the ratings.

Giang:              So do want to explain a little bit about the ratings and how is it and how do you come about that rating?

Will:            Sure, sure so right now it’s pretty straight forward. We have… lets say we have10 reviews that happened and the reviews might be 1-5 scale maybe 1-10 scale might be alphabetical . We assign each score a point value of 100 point scale and take a simple average. We are also looking at sought of doing waded averages to figure out based on side’s traffic. How it ranks based on how many reviews they have. Based on what their average review score is. They try to cheese it up a little bit. That’s also something we are sought of working on for dampen line.

Giang:                         So is it like 1hr 5, 1hr 10. What sort of scale?

Will:            It’s out of 100. So we have… sort of we have categorized anything about the 75. We give up and get sort of green score to mediate doing well. Then we add a range of 50-75 or so were you sort of want to watch out for and anything below really a 50 you know it’s not doing really well. So it’s an app that you would want to avoid.

Giang:                         I see. Okay so as a consumer right. I go to your site and then what happens?

Will:            Now you come to our site and the first thing you will see is the yahoo page obviously and one of the most popular figures we have is our top rated Apps sort of module on the right hand side. While it lists for the last seven days what type of Apps There are and you can swipe that by categories. So if you want to look at just games. You want to look at sub games. You want to look at life styles. You can also change for the date range. Use the 7 day, 30days, 6months and so forth. In addition to that we have blog section. Talk about what’s going on in the industry as well as what’s going on from consumer perspective and we do a sort of rating section as well to sort of highlight with the new ratings that provided on the site and that is from the home page micro cosmic to the rest of the site. All of that extends out so we have sections on top of the graphs. We have a pretty expansive search capability which we are excited about. Lets you filter you search down till you can currently doing the App store. So, for example, if you want to search by key word, you want to search by App store if you want to search by [00:03:40] and so on down the line. You can filter that way and really find what you’re looking for and we kind of believe that at full capability combined with the App store is a great differentiator for our servants.

Giang:                         Is their a content were do you aggregate it from?

Will:            Their about a hundred different sites that we pull at the moment. Some sites have I pad sections, I phone sections so theirs some overlap their as well and we continue to re-evaluate that so every couple of months or so we go out and see what else is out their. If there is anything else new that has come out that we should put in. If any of the old guys have sort of fallen off and start following them. We also sometime get request to follow certain cites. We are open to that as well. It’s a pretty continuous process. There are some very popular sites that will tell you to follow for examples. One for Apps, another one for Apple luscious, there are some very much smaller sites to follow as well. It’s a big range but we do believe that everyone has an opinion and just because you’re on our side it doesn’t necessary mean you more [00:04:46] more valuable than smaller site. So we have a pretty diverse range of sites that we follow and everyday those that updated into our data base can be a labors process but it takes a couple of hours to get them into our data base and that’s how we do it at the moment.

Giang:             I see. So as a consumer I mean what are the benefits for them to go to your site versus than one of the larger sites?

Will:            Sure, larger sites do not do the aggregations so they will just have one review. So you may review [00:05:17] as an example you may see it as one site App I gave it a 90 for example but you don’t really know is that the true score or is that just the one viewer? And our site will take that score and combine it with a bunch of other reviews. Really give you a better sense of how an App is really plays out with the quality that it really is. It’s kind of a law of numbers idea. Where if you have enough reviews for an App. You get a really good idea of how well the quality of the application.

Giang:              So is their any particular time waiting in terms of when you aggregate in terms of bigger site maybe having higher waiting or lower waiting compared to smaller sites or?

Will:            Yeah. That’s something that has been suggested and it’s actually what we looking into doing. We are trying to figure out what the outer rhythm is? And how to integrate that into our data base, so at the moment there is no way but it’s something that we defiantly want to Because we do its fair for to all the other larger sites will have little more cloud. Means it got a lot more visitors, probably has more reviews. It also apply the fact of sometime the smaller sites will get higher overall rankings so we play that into the waiting as well. It’s a bunch of different factors that we are looking at, putting into the other room.

Giang:             Is their anyway a user for user to recommend site, so that you can use that as the source as well?

Will:            Yeah. We just have the basic sort of contact form. We still going to be asked for in our FAQ and some will say. Hey if you know something. If you want us to follow you let us know contact us and we are always opined to it. We do evaluate any site that comes to us. It’s a bit of looking at numbers. You look at [00:07:00] for example but it’s also a bit of just personal. Looking at it and seeing to think this says value to us and so forth.

Giang:             I see okay, so what is the revenue motto?

Will:            We have three strainers at the moment. So we have advertising which is pretty obvious to look at we look at the site. We also do affiliates advertising. We get revenue through iTunes. So any time anybody comes to our site he clicks on one of the iTunes icon And goes into iTunes. We earn our commission from that and not cost to the consumer. So it’s [00:07:35] right service for you and it’s going to cost you. On top of them we have an accessory section powered by Amazon and they is an inflate revenue their as well. So, between those three, that’s how we are currently working to make money. We sought of tried to do other things. People talked about in premium services we could add. And so forth and that’s something we would love to do although.

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