Brandon Bruce, Co-founder of CirrusPath

Brandon Bruce, Co-founder of CirrusPath

Brandon Bruce is the Co-founder of CirrusPath, a company that produces Cirrus Insight as an advanced integration tool for Salesforce and Gmail. Cirrus Insight shows Salesforce leads and contacts inside Gmail inbox. Data such as contact information, activity history, cases and sales opportunities are exchanged and full integrated across both platforms. In this interview, Brandon shares with us their journey, since the idea inception in less than a year ago, to becoming one of the top apps in the Salesforce AppExchange.

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  • Brandon Bruce

    Thanks for the interview, Giang!  Viewers can enter the code “StartupAngel” to save 20% on the first year of a Cirrus Insight subscription.  Start here to install Cirrus Insight in 30 seconds for Chrome and Firefox and bring the power of Salesforce into your Gmail inbox: