David Siemer, Managing Partner of Siemer Ventures

David Siemer, Managing Partner of Siemer Ventures

David Siemer is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Siemer Ventures, one of the most active VC firm in Southern California. The firm investment focus is on early staged technology companies, with 18 new investments this year. Siemer is also a partner at WaveMaker Labs, one of eight approved technology incubators by Singaporean government’s National Research Foundation. Based in Singapore, WaveMaker Labs is a launchpad for startups from around the world.

David Siemer is also the Founder of Siemer & Associates, a boutique merchant bank that works with technology, software and digital media companies throughout their complete life cycle. Since the investment bank service and the venture capital fund operate on shared resources, such as database, team, and network, Siemer Ventures VC firm is able to bring an unique value-add offer to its portfolio companies.

In this video interview, David provides an explanation of their investment focus, how to get on their radar, what is WaveMaker Labs, and the trends that are capturing his attention.

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