Grubwithus Mixergy LA dinner with Sasha Strauss, Managing Director at Innovation Protocol

Grubwithus Mixergy LA dinner with Sasha Strauss, Managing Director at Innovation Protocol

Sasha Strauss, a brand strategist, is the Managing Director of Innovation Protocol. This week, Grubwithus Mixergy LA is hosting a dinner for a small group of entrepreneurs, featuring Sasha as the guest of honor.  Sasha was dynamic, passionate and full of insights.  Here are the photos and highlights of the dinner.

Below are some of the takeaways from the discussions. Throughout the talk, Sasha shared with us vivid and specific case studies of the clients that he has worked with, from Adobe Creative Suite, Syntergro to BMC.  We also had deep discussions about each others’ specific entrepreneurial experiences and struggles.  One of the participants, Espree Devora described it best: “”That wasn’t just a group dinner, that was an experience that impacted my business in a vital way; elite branding insights, new entrepreneurial friends and candid conversations. Plus the food was incredible. I’ve been in business over 10 years and I left that dinner party feeling like a more evolved business owner than I was when I first walked in.”

Research to understand customers and influencers
Stay broad with the ideation
Explore outside of the industry into related, complimentary or parallel businesses
Use mindmap to explore
Use multiple ways to collect data, from diverse sources
Set a time frame for the research
True decision maker may not be who you think the customer is
Even for B2B businesses, it’s still individuals within organizations working with each others.

Brand definition
Identify the target market area
Recognize trends that are evolving around the space
Explore the emotions associate with the brand and with the target customers

Communicate the vision, the thinking and then empower people to permeate it through the culture.


Brand platform
Create a consistent and comprehensive branding expression:

  • from color, shape, message…
  • from brochures to landing pages to business cards…

Brand communication
Internal organizational alignment: evolve and involve people instead of switch and swap
Target communication is more effective than mass messaging
Focus on delivery a complete experience
Customers are more likely to pay for a premium for a set of products that work well together than for individual products.
Human like to stay updated, versioning or seasoning of products induce renewal purchase.

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  • Espree Devora

    Great overview of the night Giang. Happy travels as I know you are on your way to Peru :)  I hope you guys do this again.  Super lucky I got a spot before it was sold out!

    • giangbiscan

      Thanks so much. It was great seeing you again, Espree. I heard great things about your panels. Congrats! Hope to see you again soon.