Tim Sae Koo, Founder of Tint

Tim Sae Koo is the Co-founder of Tint, a simple tool that lets you create beautiful and engaging social hubs on your websites in minutes. Tim and his team started out by creating Hypemarks, a platform for content discovery through social networks. Half of a year into it, they noticed that their users are asking for something else so the team packed up shop, relocated the whole team from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and pivoted into what Tint is today. In this interview, Tim shares with us about the challenges they face as they pivoted, how to get the traction that they are getting now and how they go about overcoming rejections in cold calls or sales.

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  • teamtint

    Thanks Giang for the opportunity and fun interview to share with your audience! If any one has any questions or want to chat, just email me tim@tintup.com !