ASPIRE: Social Media Best Practice to Connect with Customers – with Josh Ochs

This is a 2-minute video clip of an ASPIRE event that we host on social media with Josh Ochs. As the author of the bestselling book “Light, Bright and Polite” and the founder of MediaLeaders, Josh advises over 36 brands on how they manage their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns. Josh is leading the industry with innovative campaigns that blend traditional sales methods with new technology. During the office hour, Josh shared with us actionable tips on how to:

1. Keep your social media “Light, Bright and Polite”
2. Find the best messaging to activate your customers
3. Get bottom line results with our social media formula
4. Grow your email list via your website & messaging
5. Attract great customer testimonials on LinkedIn
6. Use 3 touch-points to get people talking about you
7. Develop a social media upgrade campaign for sales

If you missed the event and would like to learn more from Josh, check out some of his upcoming events here.

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